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Reclaimed Antique Barn Wood has Weathered to perfection, and has withstood the test of time. Rich with a working history, the timeless beauty of antique wood is unmistakable.

We reclaim this one-of –a-kind, antique distressed barn wood from barns that have outlived their usefulness, then grade it for color and soundness.

Available in a variety of sizes.   Antique Barn wood, preserving a part of history.

From This Century Old Barn Silo...

Inside of Barn Silo

Reclaimed Antique Barn Wood with Waterlox Finish

Gray Barn Wood

Antique Reclaimed Hand Hewn Timbers

Reclaimed Antique Circle Sawn Barn Wood

Reclaimed Antique Circle Sawn Barn Wood

Reclaimed Antique Barn Wood with Waterlox Finish

Barn Doors

Reclaimed Antique Barn Wood with Waterlox Finish

Hand Hewn Antique Timber

To This... Beautiful Reclaimed Silo Barn Wood

A word about reclaimed wood...
Most reclaimed timber was originally sawn from old growth trees which were much larger, slower growing and had tighter growth rings than trees cut today. Compare the growth rings of reclaimed old growth with wood in your local lumber yard and you'll usually see much finer grain in the recycled wood.

The wood has been fastened in place in a structure usually from 40-120 years having air dried and seasoned to a stable condition. Thus when a building is deconstructed the posts, beams, joists, purlins and rafters usually maintain their straightness. If we do get a twisted timber we can saw it straight and square. Because the wood is seasoned, 99% of the re-sawn pieces stay straight.

The look of aged and antiqued lumber and timbers has a warm and tasteful quality. From golden brown to light gray patinas, there's something soothing in the old wood.


Reclaimed timber comes in a variety of conditions and we spend a lot of time pulling nails, bolts, brackets etc. Pieces
are individually selected for each order.

Before we re-saw anything it is first metal detected. We look to see that the pieces are suitable for sawing and take care that the final product comes off the mill straight and square. We are proud of our work.

Antique Barn Wood Siding

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